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CAREONLINE is an all-in-one digital solution for efficient, coordinated care. Hand in hand, patients and clinicians revolutionize existing workflows throughout the overall patient journey.

CAREONLINE seamlessly works within the existing infrastructure of a hospital and perfectly merges patient and clinician reported outcomes into an integrated, meaningful patient overview. Stakeholders benefit from the easy integration, adaption of existing workflows, time efficiencies, financial gains, and much more.

CAREONLINE is the new standard of coordinated care, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability that offer immediate benefits. Because we are in this race together.

  • Consolidated Content Management
  • ICD-10 Specific Care Plans
  • Messaging & Video Conferencing
  • Vital Biometrics & Data Import
  • Medication Management
  • Role-Based Task Management
  • Appointment Administration
  • Threshold Notifications
  • Study eCRF
  • Education
  • Consent
CAREONLINE Continuum of care

  • Medication reminders
  • Tasks
  • Education
  • Questionnaires
  • Integration of bluetooth healthcare devices
  • Threshold notifications
  • Video conferencing

Empowering patient-centered collaboration

CAREONLINE provides tools to enable a collaborative approach to personalized care delivery. With the CAREONLINE mobile App, patients take ownership of their care plan by effectively providing their clinical team with valuable information through questionnaires, activity tracking and biometric data. Patients receive timely medication reminders and task requests to ensure a high compliance with the prescribed care plan. Educational documentation and videos help to empower patients to take control of their own care.

The patient-reported data enables physicians to spend quality time with their patients during the consultation, rather than the clinician having to complete an assessment manually. If CAREONLINE detects a defined change in the patient data, the clinician is alerted immediately. Real-time communication with patients saves time and allows clinicians and patients to proactively react and/or consult to prevent further complications.

CAREONLINE features an intuitive communication tool that allows caregivers to contact their patients via video call, voice call or messenger.

Digitization of your hospital

Digitization of the traditional forms, along with automation of natural workflows, ensure reliability and traceability to the clinicians’ everyday routine, with full analytical capabilities. Through the consolidation of all patient-related data from many different hospital IT systems, healthcare professionals can now view the entire patient chart in one place, in a matter of seconds, upon request at any time.

CAREONLINE’s content management solution allows caregivers to assign predefined care plans to individual patients or entire target groups in order to streamline time-intensive workflows. These care plans can be created and modified to reflect the agreed-upon clinical protocols. Simplified and automated assessments will lead to increased revenue streams.

  • Digital assessments
  • Automated lab data import
  • Complex care plan templates
  • User rights management with ownership tracking
  • Voice control and recognition


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