How do you avoid errors?

From the moment the patient enters the clinic they are positively identified and details of their treatment are at your fingertips.
As they enter the treatment room, IDENTIFY will verify the right technology and the right patient setup.
IDENTIFY’s intuitive interface guides you through the patient setup, directs the positioning of the patient and accessories through visual assistance.
Not only empowering confident setup but also reducing the time required to do so.
For experienced staff, rotating staff in larger clinics and personnel in training!

Right Patient   –   Right Location   –   Right Setup


Full circle quality assurance

Monitoring that the patient keeps the position throughout treatment is as important as an accurate inter-treatment setup. IDENTIFY watches the patient’s overall surface for motion of the total body or the limbs. It also monitors the gating marker on the patient’s chest to give the patient guidance for breath-hold techniques or similar.

Prove you‘re doing it right!

Full circle care

Start by navigating the right accessories to the right spots. The Augmented Reality Screen on the wall shows all you need to know: Patient information, setup notes and a picklist of what is needed for the treatment setup. Also the Patient Virtual Surface from CT for reproduction of the patient individual orthopedic setup.

Real time background checks!

Highest safety standard

Full circle care

Distractions in busy clinics can potentially lead to errors while mistaken patient identity and setup failures have a greater impact than ever.

Integrated with the EMR system and using latest RFID and optical imaging technology, IDENTIFY synchronizes the patient, medical record and treatment selection, providing confidence that the correct treatment will be delivered to the correct patient.

Getting it right from the start!

Maximize safety & efficiency

  • Reduce the Time to Perfect Patient Setup
  • Avoid multiple Verification Imaging
  • Go Paperless - From Auto-Setup Notes through to Automated Session Reports
  • Maximize Patient Cooperation with Augmented Positioning Guidance
  • Meta Workflow Layer - the same on all Machines


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